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This site is about devices designed to improve money handling, especially money counter. Our bill counters are designed to help quickly and accurately with everyday work in at the cash desk. Counting money by yourself can take a long time, not to mention the high possibility of counting errors. One of the most important advantages of using a progressive solution such as the money counter is to reduce the upkeep of your business and protect against counterfeit losses.

Moreover, our bill counters have the ability to detect counterfeit money by use of UV light or magnetic detection to increase the safety of your transaction. If you want to know more about money protection, click here:
Counterfeit Detection - Theory.
If you are interested in counterfeit detectors, here is an offer for you:
Counterfeit Detectors, Money Counters with Counterfeit Detection
If you are thinking what model of money counter to choose, this site can help you:
Bill Counters - Theory, Coin Counters - Theory.

Our offer of money counters includes both Bill Countersand Vacuum Counters, as well as Coin Counters.
Special type of money counter is value counter. This devices has ability to count all banknotes with different denomination and after counting show whole value of banknotes. There is tender of this devices: Value Counters.

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